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Wireless doorbells are indications of the general effects of improving technology. Wireless doorbells have made their mark in the last couple of years making them a practical alternative to wired doorbells. Gone are the days when your vintage-styled door knocker would serve to make a guest’s presence known. Discerning homeowners can now install a wireless doorbell with ease. Such doorbells free you from complex wiring systems and offers you a better diversity of options in terms of design, make, and brand. NuTone, a manufacturer of diversified and innovative commercial and residential products, is at the forefront of the wireless doorbell market. NuTone Doorbell is very practical, revolutionary, efficient and competitively priced. They make great additions to an existing wired doorbell system as well.

Why get NuTone Wireless Doorbells?

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With its range of forward-thinking products, NuTone has developed wireless doorbells, door chimes, and pushbuttons in a variety of designs, styles, solutions and security features. You can install NuTone’s wireless chimes in just minutes with no complex wiring systems to run. The brand’s wireless doorbells have easy installation, quality sound, and reliable operation. The ease of installation adds portability in which you can choose to install in various parts of your house, like a living room or kitchen. Compatible with one another, you can install NuTone doorbells as additional units throughout your home.

For instance, if you decide to change a doorbell’s location, simply take out the receiver from the hook and mount it in a new corner. This feature is handy if you live in a rental home or if you like to do some house renovations occasionally.

The size of your home doesn’t matter since there is a variety of wireless NuTone doorbells available. It covers from short to long ranges, as few meters to a few kilometers. However, if you have a doorbell that doesn’t outfit long distances, you can connect a network of receivers all linked to a sole doorbell. With NuTone, you’ll be able to catch if anyone’s at your doorstep from any corner of your home. Likewise, NuTone allows you to have multiple pushbuttons linked to a single receiver.

When wireless doorbells debuted in the marketplace, the new technology came with substantial prices. Today, these doorbells are sold at very affordable prices only considerably higher than wired doorbells. Nevertheless, if you consider the cost of wiring needed for the wired counterparts, it just works the same, sometimes even for less.

Types of NuTone Doorbells and Chimes

NuTone features a range of wireless door chimes that are practical, reasonably priced, and more flexible than wired variants. Our list of top NuTone wireless doorbells will help you pick the right doorbell for you and your home.

Top Rated Nutone Wireless Doorbells

NuTone MCV309NWHGL Mechanical Thru-Door Greeter Wireless Door Chime

NuTone MCV309NWHGL via Amazon

This wireless model features an easy-to-install system that entails no wiring and enables a two-note chime ring. Perfect for the minimalist, it has a simple design, style, and shape that blends seamlessly with any surface or decor. It includes an optical-lensed, French white-finished greater so that you can easily see who’s at your door. For understated design, there is also a gold anodized nameplate and a non-stick rectangular-shaped pushbutton included. This wireless doorbell will surely provide you a sense of security and peace of mind.

  • Easy to install
  • Requires no wiring
  • Minimalist, French white design
  • Non-stick pushbutton
  • Convenience of a complete package
  • Reasonably priced for a wireless doorbell
  • One year limited warranty

  • Slight door modifications involved
  • Easily broken parts

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NuTone LA226WH Wireless Door Chime Kit

NuTone LA226WH via NuTone

You won’t miss any visiting guests or deliveries with this wireless model from NuTone. The rectangular-shaped doorbell features a white smooth wavy design with molded cover, adjustable volume control, and wireless pushbutton. Extremely versatile, this model is easily installed on a flat surface and fitted with various types of settings. Best of all, the design package includes the hardware required for mounting.

  • Easy to install
  • Smooth, white contemporary wave design
  • Requires no wiring
  • 8-note Westminster or 15 other pre-programmed sounds
  • Adjustable volume control
  • Expandable up to 4 doors with three additional wireless pushbuttons
  • Active transmitter pushbutton includes one 3-volt CR2032 battery
  • Wireless range can vary from 20 to 300 feet
  • One year limited warranty
  • Wireless range varies from 20 to 300 feet

  • Chime issues (wouldn’t stop ringing; garbled chime sounds)

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NuTone LA223WH Plug-In Door Chime Kit

NuTone LA223WH via NuTone

This NuTone wireless doorbell is an easy installation feature that requires no wiring. It features plug-in door chimes that ensure you won’t miss any guests and urgent deliveries. The clean, compact, rectangular-shaped doorbell conveniently plugs into any wall outlet and will effortlessly match any setting or décor. This doorbell model is also a great addition if you live in noisy environments or remote locations.

  • Easy to install
  • White wave design on receiver
  • 8-note Westminster or two various 2-note sounds
  • Expandable up to 3 doors with two additional pushbuttons
  • Easily plugs into a 120 volt AC power outlet
  • White rectangular shaped wireless pushbutton includes one 3-volt CR2032 battery
  • Active transmitter pushbutton
  • Wireless range varies from 20 to 125 feet
  • One year limited warranty

  • Could have been made more expandable

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NuTone LA600WH

NuTone LA600WH via Amazon
This slightly curved doorbell mechanism uniquely features advanced customizable features, including MP3 upload capabilities. You can easily program any sound or music to announce that someone is at your doorstep. Furthermore, it runs with wired or wireless College Pride pushbuttons, or even with your existing doorbell so that you can create the ringing set-up that works well for you and your home.

  • Easy to install
  • Sleek, white finish
  • Molded plastic cover is paintable
  • Comes with 8 pre-loaded sounds
  • Holds 128MB of memory
  • Supports high-definition digital audio sound
  • Features audio controls for that ideal chime
  • Functions with the NuTone wired/wireless College Pride pushbuttons

  • Must have a 16VAC (not DC or other voltages) doorbell for it to work
  • Diode requirement causes other door chimes to be powered at all times, which may cause over-heating

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NuTone Doorbells have always been innovating, and its array of wireless doorbells and home automation chime products continuously deliver flexibility, good sound quality, convenience, easy installation, and a spectrum of handy features. As you can see, this wireless doorbell review lets you explore and learn about a variety of options. Wireless doorbells such as NuTone’s are great alternatives when wired doorbells are unavailable. Give NuTone’s doorbells high consideration and you’ll get to see their powerful, useful benefits.

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