Nest Cam vs Dropcam Pro

One of the most talked about competition in the cam market is that of Nest Cam vs Dropcam Pro. These are models that have outlined their vision for best connectivity through their innovations over time. But DropCam Pro and Nest Cam are more than just that. They are two products you can’t ignore. They both have rolled out next-generation models either with perfect smoke detectors or simply technology the world didn’t really expect so well.

Both models bring you the latest when it comes to home security models. So what makes one stand out and the other doesn’t? There are many points to highlight here.

Difference between Nest Cam vs Dropcam Pro

When you look at the new Dropcam Pro, you will find that it is quite similar to the previous version but the major difference is, this is a little thicker, comes with a black stand, a perfect six-element all glass lens and a far better image sensor. This is a model which gives you double the times better video. It’s you’ll get twice as sharp video during the day and the performance is 7 times in low-light conditions. Add to that a 130-degree field of view and you have the best wireless camera around.

Nest Cam vs Dropcam Pro

On the other hand, you have the Nest Cam which is giving the DropCam Pro-cut throat competition. It’s full 1080p video resolution is making it stand out. And if that wasn’t enough, this one also come with a rotating, magnetic stand. Add to that, its new app interface and you have a perfection in the house. This camera is a beauty to use. And this one has come a volley of other minor improvements. Those who still are looking for something more than just spending a few extra bucks, this is an interesting proposition. Well, the experts would say that the Nest Cam is replacing Dropcam Pro.

The Features

Let’s look at some of the features and Nest Dropcam Pro Reviews in detail to understand them from all aspects.

Drop Pro Cam

  • Stunning Video Quality: The newer version has an updated image sensor with optics that bring you 2x sharper video.
  • Installation is a breeze: This one comes with a 60-second setup. You can connect it within seconds using WiFi to your computer or iOS mobile device.
  • Live Streaming: The technology has made room for live streaming too.
  • Incredible Field of View: What more can you ask for when you have130 degrees diagonal, plus Zoom and Night Vision. Nothing misses the eye with this camera.
  • Two-way Talk: You can now easily stay connected with Two-Way Talk.
  • Intelligent Alerts
  • Review Recording: This one comes with Cloud Video Recording which allows you to review footage. There’s a feature of optional secure offsite recording which helps you record videos correctly. It enables you to record securely up to 30 days of footage. You can review any activity detected by your camera. You have a cloud recording timeline to go back to this and review the footage.
  • The most awesome part about this model is that the Dropcam Pro drastically improves the image.
  • The two-way talk feature adds to the perfection with the Dropcam HD.
  • The setting up is easier than you can imagine. It will surprise you as you actually set this up within minutes.
  • You can even view a remote video feed over the Internet or on your iOS or Android mobile device via free Dropcam apps.
  • The latest version has excellent zoom/enhance features
  • And the best part, they do not ask for any service fee for basic live viewing.

  • The issues this one has, are mostly with video and audio. These can be slightly disrupted, although it mostly depends on the speed of your Internet service.
  • The other problem most users have reported is that of no PC-free setup for Android when it’s launched.
  • The other major issue is, camera is not weatherproof. You have to think twice before placing it outside.


Nest Cam

  • Most importantly, this one comes with 24/7 live video streaming.
  • You get 1080p HD quality on your phone. Nope. No kidding.
  • Control it from anywhere you want.
  • You now get alerts on your phone without any disruptions.
  • Get motion and sound alerts.
  • Night Vision is perfect. You do not get blurred images but everything can be seen properly in the room. It’s not just a spotlight view.
  • You can talk back and have a conversation before you answer the door.
  • Super Quick and easy to setup­ and you just have to use the app for the rest.
  • Needless to say, this one comes with the best high-resolution video
  • Everything about the product is cool and interesting. You get an upgraded app for free, magnetic base and a pivoting stand.
  • This DIY device is a much better version that its counterparts. When they say DIY, they mean it. Installation of this one model is actually a breeze.

  • At the end of the day, it’s actually a webcam at heart. Its security features are definitely impeccable but that doesn’t mean Nest Camera can be used as a spy cam. The proficiency is not as perfect. Sometimes the opt-in motion and alerts do not make sense as you get them not before 30 minutes. Now if you want an alert at shorter intervals, there’s nothing you can do about it.



Nest Cam can never disappoint you when it comes to video quality. When you talk about its feature of live streaming, it is great, be it in regular mode or night vision modes. Especially the night vision mode is a hit with all users. It definitely picks up every detail in a place and works more than just a spotlight at night. These are some of the things that give it a clear win over DropCam Pro.

More or less the same, Nest Camera Reviews somehow win over DropCam. But ultimately it’s the latter that catches a sharper, higher resolution image. You can zoom in on this without anything going too blurred. This is something that will make you love this one more. That being said, both the cameras work great.

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