Advantages of Keyless Entry Locks

Door locks are the most important aspect of your home security. Traditional door locks involved a lock and a key, but now the market has various more technologically advanced designs available that serve the purpose of a door lock without the hassle of keeping the lock key. Many a time’s people misplace their lock keys and thus have to get their home locks changed.

Keyless entry locks do not use a key to lock and unlock but use a coded password. All the user requires to do is set a desired numeric password for the door lock, and once the password is set, it goes with the user everywhere without being misplaced, unlike a key that requires constant vigilance.

Keyless doors also are beneficial if you live in a family as everyone needs to go in and out of the house at various times thus making it necessary to have at least more than one key for the entry lock every time inside the house. A keyless lock, on the other hand, solves this issue as well since one numeric password can be managed by every member of the house to secure entry and exit in your residence.

Apart from these there are many other perks of having a keyless entry lock system installed in your house such as ease of installation and enhanced security cover.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

  1. Advantages of keyless entry locksEase of installation: If you have always had a traditional door lock system installed in your house and are looking to upgrade to residential keyless entry locks, you would be surprised to know that no additional drilling on your door is required to get smart keyless locks installed in your main entry door. Keyless entry locks can be fitted as standard door knob over existing deadbolt. This ensures no modification of your door is required.
  2. Keypad: Keyless smart door locks have a luminous keypad that glows at night making the numbers readily visible even in the dark. This reduces any chances of you mistyping the code to secure entry in your house. The keypad is situated near the door knob, so it is readily available to everyone.
  3. Passkeys: Most keyless door locks come with two access key passwords that can be set by the user by his choice. This gives the flexibility as sometimes due to reasons unknown you might forget the passcode for the door lock, but you might still remember the second key and make entry into your premises.
  4. Enhanced security cover: It is not impossible to get an exact replica of your traditional entry lock key from a locksmith. In fact this is what people most of the time do when they lose their hardware key, they get a new key made for them. This is a serious security compromise as anyone who has access to your home can potentially get a key for your lock. But with smart keyless locks the key is always with you inside your head so only you can use it.
  5. Waterproof: Keyless smart locks are digital and work using computer chips. These locks are waterproof to ensure that they can never be defused using water.
  6. Remote controlled: Many smart keyless locks are remote operated. This is the latest technology that has been integrated into the lock and key system, and now if you have forgotten your password to the keyless lock, you can still manage to open the lock using a remote that comes in with the package.

These remotes act in the same way as remotes are used to control your car or your garage door. Since the keyless locks that are remote operated still need a remote to run them every time, people are becoming more interested these days to biometric locks that are the next generation of keyless locks.


  • Simplified installation
  • Luminous manual keypad
  • Weighs 2 pounds
  • Works on batteries
  • Eliminates the need to maintain lock key
  • Enhances house security by restricting the number of people who can get key
  • Easy to operate.

  • Works on a battery so can suffer from battery drain.
  • Password change is needed every now and then to keep the security enhanced.


Keyless door entry locks come at exciting prices and offer various levels of comfort for the user. Since the key is to be maintained virtually as it is a passcode just like any other password you use, it eliminates the chances of an owner misplacing the key. Since getting a dummy key for traditional door locks is not as tuff as some may think, this product is value for money. It enhances the security of your house and gives you the necessary peace of mind. You can find best keyless door lock here.

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    Magnum March 30, 2016 at 4:25 am

    Hi Casey Miller Amazing! This door lock is seeming more secure than conventional door locks. Thanks for sharing informative information.

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      Casey Miller April 1, 2016 at 8:09 pm

      Hi Magnum,
      Glad you have liked it.
      Which smart lock decided to go with and how is your experience?

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    Zequek Estrada May 26, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    I like the sound of having a smart keyless lock. I’m kind of a forgettful person and I could probably benefti from having a locksmith install one for me. Before I make any rash decisions it’s probably a good idea to do a little research about it before I make an investment.

    • Reply
      Casey Miller May 28, 2016 at 3:14 pm

      Hello Zequek,
      Smart keyless door lock is great investment and we have a lot of articles about them. I hope you found information you are looking for, if not just reply and ask anything in comments!

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    Amit Joshi December 26, 2016 at 10:31 pm

    Hi Casey Miller, this keyless entry locks looks super cool. Had the good fortune of reading your article. The Keyless locks is one of the best smart home systems which could be used in home security purpose.

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