Best Wireless Doorbells & Video Intercom Security Systems Reviews 2015

Security systems are popular nowadays. With the aim to protect one’s family or assets, technologies like wireless intercoms, video intercoms, and wireless doorbells are becoming a classic requirement in residential and commercial spaces. The presence of wireless technology has further improved the capabilities and functions of these products. Nobody could complain about the wireless capability because the elimination of wires and complicated setup procedures made security easy to control and customize.

are security systems that usually involve a push button and a wireless door chime. This is a handy setup because once the push button is pressed; it transmits a signal to the door chime, which is the receiver. The door chime emits a sound or light, usually chosen by the user, to indicate that there are visitors. It is similar to a conventional doorbell system, but without wirings. Door chimes are plugged into an outlet while push buttons are battery- operated. Users can also opt for a wireless doorbell that has a speaker and microphone to enable communication with visitors at the door before opening it.

Wireless are also useful devices in substantial properties. Communicating with each other can be tiring if one is too far from the other. help people relay messages, instructions or warnings in case of emergencies. These units are also portable and wireless. They work depending on their operating range. Wireless intercom system for home also has useful functions like a room monitor mode.

Video intercoms or combine the audio and visual features to create a competent security system for the home and office. When someone rings the doorbell, homeowners would know who it is when they access wireless video door phone. They can also capture images or record using the outdoor camera station to file the identity of their visitors. Aside from the visual, homeowners can communicate with visitors to confirm their identity before they unlock the door.

Wireless Doorbells Suggestions

When choosing for security technologies, it is better to focus on functionality than the price. If you want to protect your family, investing in the best products will guarantee their safety and security. Here is a compiled list of best wireless doorbells and video intercom security systems that might strike your fancy and help you secure your home and workplace better.

Ring Wi-Fi

Ring Wi-Fi
- See and speak with visitors using your smartphone or tablet
- Dual powered
- Quick and easy setup
- Lifetime purchase protection
- Motion Sensor

$$$Buy Ring Wi-Fi

- See who's there from anywhere, on select iOS and Android devices
- Motion sensor
- "On-Demand" feature lets you open the video feed from the app to see who's there

$$$Buy SkyBell
Honeywell RCWL300A1006

Honeywell RCWL300A1006
- Wireless & Battery operated
- Works with up to 3 push buttons
- Motion detectors
- 3 chime tunes and 3 visual alert icons
- Self-learning code system
250 foot

$Buy Honeywell RCWL300A1006
Honeywell RCWL3502A1002/N
Honeywell RCWL3502A1002
- Wireless & Battery operated
- Works with up to 6 push buttons
- Motion detectors
- 6 chime tunes
- Self-learning code system
450 foot

$$Buy Honeywell RCWL3502A1002
SadoTech Model C

SadoTech Model C
- Stylish modern design
- Over 50+ different ring tones.
500 foot

$Buy SadoTech Model C
NuTone LA204WH
NuTone LA204WH
- White receiver and one button
- Built-in strobe light
- Reliable operation and great sound
- Installs in just minutes - no wires to run
300 foot

$$Buy NuTone LA204WH
Chamberlain NLS2

Chamberlain NLS2
- Secure 900MHz digital communication
- Voice activation
- Monitor mode broadcast to all channels
- Expand up to 12 units per network
- Requires 4 AA batteries per unit
1000 foot

$$$Buy Chamberlain NLS2
Aiphone JKS-1ADV

Aiphone JKS-1ADV
- Quick and easy install - Only 2 wires
- No handset to pick up
- High resolution color TFT LCD monitor
- Camera station can be monitored from inside
- All monitors turn on when camera station calls in

$$$$Buy Aiphone JKS-1ADV
7" Video Phone Doorbell

7 Video Phone Doorbell
- Two indoor unit with one outdoor units
- Aluminum alloy panel of indoor unit, fashionable and luxury
- Little rain and oxidation-proof for the durable aluminum alloy outdoor unit
- 7" color TFT LCD without radiation
- Low power consumption and high definition
- IR Camera with Night Vision

$$$Buy 7"Video Phone Doorbell
3.5" TFT Wireless Video Phone Intercom

3.5 TFT Wireless Video Phone Intercom
- 2 x 3.5" color screen monitors
- CMOS camera an
- Clear night vision can capture image in low-illumination environment
- Surveillance, wireless unlock, hands-free call and talk
- 0.3Mega pixel camera
- Rain shield for the outdoor camera
-16 chord melodies for your options
1000 foot

$$$$Buy 3.5" TFT Wireless Video Phone Intercom
Wooku 8" Video Intercom

Wooku 8 Video Intercom
- 8" color screen
- It can function as a monitor
- Easy installation

$$$Buy Wooku 8" Video Intercom
1Byone 7" Video Intercom

1Byone 7 Video Intercom
- Photo recording and playback functions.
- Hands free communication and Surface touch function
- Monitoring the outside of house and Baby Monitor function
- Anti-oxidation, water-proof, vandal outdoor camera
- 120 degree wide Viewing Angle
- Night viewing within 4M is available
- 7" Color TFT-LCD high definition LED screen
- 16 Tunes polyphonic melodies for the Call Tone

$$$$Buy 1Byone 7" Video Intercom
1Byone 7" Video Intercom w Rain Cover

1Byone 7 Video Intercom w Rain Cover
- Outdoor camera is waterproof, anti-oxidation and anti-vandal
- 3 indoor monitors can be connected with the outdoor camera
- 7" color TFT screen
- Surface touch function
- Unlock two doors respectively.
- Monitoring the outside of house
-14 polyphonic melodies

$$$Buy 1Byone 7" Video Intercom w Rain Cover

Honeywell RCWL300A1006 Premium Portable Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

This wireless doorbell is a battery- operated system which improves the security and style of your home or workplace. The set includes the instruction manual, a pre-programmed push button with coin cell battery and the wireless door chime. The push button and door chime are made of UV-resistant plastic and aluminum alloy.


The stylish chime box receiver displays three visual icons, a feedback LED display, and a low-battery indication. It could be linked to other wireless devices, such as motion detectors and door and window contacts. The chime box has three chimes to choose from. On the other hand, the wireless doorbell needs LR6 AA alkaline batteries. It has a Self-learning code system that helps eliminate interference in the room. The product has ‘E’ compatibility, which means it could be connected to other chime boxes.


  • Installation is hassle-free.
  • The 250-ft. range is already adequate for a middle-sized house.
  • The volume control is also adjustable but is guaranteed to be loud and clear.


  • However, product reliability decreases as the months pass. Durability is also questioned by other users who purchased the product.

Honeywell RCWL3502A1002/N Décor Wireless Door Chime and Push Button

This battery- operated product is a stylish accessory with a glass and metal finish. It could easily blend into any home or office interior. The chime box could be hung on the wall vertically or horizontally. The set includes the push button, door chime box and user manual.


The tiny push button transmitter has a wireless range up to 450 feet, which makes it adequate for middle-sized to large houses with gates. It also has a self- learning code system to reduce interference from walls and other frequency signals in the home. features six chimes for users to choose from. As compared to other wireless doorbells, this might be lacking. It could be connected to a maximum of 6 wireless devices, including door and window contact, push buttons and motion sensors.


  • The simple setup requires no installation.
  • Volume control is adequate, and the sound quality is good.
  • There are also good chime choices from the collection of 6, so variety won’t be much of a problem.
  • The wireless range of the product also surpasses those of other wireless doorbells on the market.


  • You should consider to get a warranty


NuTone LA204WH Wireless Plug-In Door Chime with Built-In Strobe Light

This wireless doorbell is an excellent investment if you want to protect your home and office. The set includes two components, namely the one button transmitter and a door chime receiver. These devices are done in a white finish, which blends in any décor in the office or house.


has a built-in plug receiver and strobe light. The strobe light is helpful in noisy environments and as a signal for the hearing- impaired. Since the chime box needs to be connected to a power outlet, its plug receiver enables another device to take advantage of the power; thereby, saving energy. It also features a variety of classic and contemporary chime type and volume control. The wireless doorbell has a portable size but has a wireless capability of a 300 ft. range.


  • The simple setup of this product requires no wiring or contractors for installation.
  • The strobe light feature is helpful since the chimes could sometimes drown in party noise or the crying of a baby.


  • The volume quality is problematic, but the strobe light makes up for it.
  • Durability is also a problem.

Chamberlain Voice-Activated Wireless Portable Intercom NLS2

This product is a user-friendly wireless intercom systems for home that can be used in homes and offices. The package includes 2 intercoms that have an old school design with a duotone finish (black/gray). It is simple enough to look at but performance-wise, it is adequate in some aspects.


The two devices are battery- operated (4 AA batteries) so it is handy and portable. Its range reaches up to 1,000 feet, which means it could be used in wide offices and big houses. The product features a secure 900 MHz radio operation which improves the clarity and signal between the two intercoms. Messages could be broadcasted simultaneously, thanks to the Secured Link Single or Multi-channel communication. Voice activation and monitor mode are also present. The intercom can connect up to 12 other wireless models, as long as they are compatible. Compatible models include NTD2, NDIS and NLS1.


  • The communication between the units is clear and interference-free.


  • The monitor mode could only be accessed by the primary device.
  • The product also lacks the mute option.
  • In terms of volume, the device is lacking.
  • The product reliability is also poor, which is bad because it is more expensive than other reliable wireless intercoms on the market.

Home and Office Intercom System Digital FM 9-channel 4-station

The wireless intercom system is made up of 4 components. These devices are in black finish, and also come with an AC adapter for charging. The setup is simple to begin with so the installation does not need wiring or any contractors. The wireless home intercom system also features a new wireless FM circuitry to improve it’s the clarity and range between the components.


The product has a secure 462 MHz digital communication which guarantees a clear and reliable transmission between components. The wireless range of the Home and Office System Digital FM 9-Channel 4- Station reaches up to 200 feet. The Direct Channel buttons are also labeled for easy identification. The device also features a rotary On/Off button, room monitor mode, volume control and a big button with three functions: Call, Talk and Lock.


  • The wireless range works perfectly for middle-sized houses.
  • The reception and transmission are also clear even between separate houses that are meters apart from each other.
  • The setup is user-friendly and does not require complicated methods during installation.


  • N/A

Aiphone JKS-1ADV Hands-Free Set

Secure your home with an entry system as efficient as the Aiphone JKS-1ADV Hands-Free Set. This security system is a great product to use for your home and office. The package includes a door station, a master station and a power supply. The components are made from durable aluminum alloy, which adds to the sleek aesthetics of the product.


The door station has a PanTilt Zoom feature at 170 degrees, which provides a wide viewing coverage of the front door. It also has a speaker to enable two-way communication between visitors and homeowners. The master station is quite conventional, but it has an SD card slot for picture memory. The station’s TFT LCD monitor has high-resolution colors. The door station can only connect to two indoor monitors.


  • Installation can be done very quickly without the assistance of a contractor or fancy tools.
  • The setup is also great for non tech-savvy owners because a simple click is all it takes to power both devices.
  • The image capture feature is also helpful in archiving visitors up to 240 images.


  • N/A

7-inch Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom Kit with Night Vision Security Camera

The product set is a conventional security system which is made up of one outdoor doorbell and two indoor stations. The indoor stations are made of aluminum alloy panel, which looks sleek and elegant in the home or office. The outdoor doorbell is made of a durable aluminum alloy which gives it anti-oxidation and rain-proof features. The package also includes a pack of screws, user manual, AC adapter and a 5-core connection cable.


The doorbell intercom has a lock-control function which could be controlled by the indoor station unit. Its IR camera has a CMOS sensor that features 480 x 234 effective pixels. The outdoor unit also has a Night Vision feature which works great in low illumination settings. On the other hand, the master station is a hands-free intercom that features a 7-inch TFT LCD screen. Its contrast, brightness and volume can be customized or controlled. It also has a mute indoor feature so visitors would not hear the conversations inside.


  • The product guarantees low power consumption and no radiation.
  • The setup is simple to understand, and the installation is a breeze.
  • Since there is the Night Vision feature, homeowners would not worry about uninvited visitors at night.


  • The volume quality could be problematic at times, but overall, the product is a great investment.

2.4G 3.5” TFT Wireless Video Security System for Home, 1-camera 2 Monitors

The comprehensive wireless home security camera system, two indoor monitors, AC adapter and one 5-meter cable. These accessories are made from aluminum alloy and have a gray finish, which blends well with any interior. They can be used in homes and offices.


The , door unlocking, monitoring and communicating functions. The camera station is battery-operated and works with a rechargeable lithium battery for 120 hours. It has 0.3 megapixels and a night vision security camera feature for low light conditions. The camera station also has a 2.4 GHz launch frequency and 300-meter operating range which is barrier-free. Meanwhile, the hands-free indoor monitors feature 3.5-inch screens. Volume, brightness and contrast can be customized. It could also save up to 100 images or videos. It has 16 chime melodies to choose from.


  • The installation is easy and requires no tools for setup.
  • The audiovisual output of the security system is adequate, thanks to the customization options.
  • No wires are needed except for recharging the monitors and wireless home security camera system.


  • Battery life may be short and the recharging can be tricky for non tech-savvy users.

Wooku 8-inch Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom Home Security Monitor with Recording Function

As a security monitoring system, the Wooku 8-inch Video Doorbell Phone Intercom Home Security System works wonders in the home and office. The package includes 1 indoor monitor, a camera station, pack of screws power supply adapter, usual manual and wirings.


The indoor monitor features an 8-inch TFT LCD panel, which is directly connected to the camera station. The indoor unit also has an SD card slot that can accommodate up to 32GB, intercom function, built-in speaker and a microphone head. Up to 10 chord melodies are available to choose from. The camera station has a CMOS sensor with 800 x 600 effective pixels. It enables auto night vision security camera during low light conditions. It also has a built-in speaker and microphone head for the intercom feature. The camera station can connect to a maximum of 4 indoor monitors.


  • The installation can be quite complicated for non tech-savvy users but the user manual provides clear instructions with pictures.
  • The camera captures a wide viewing angle.
  • Also, there are a lot of features to take advantage of, such as image capture, video recording, intercom system and a hands-free release system.


  • The interference from other signals could reduce audio quality.

1Byone 7-inch Video Recording Photo-taking with Touch Button Color Screen Video and SD Card Doorbell Intercom System

The product is a reasonably-priced security system that is competent in providing video intercom features to homes and workplaces. The package includes 1 indoor monitor (with bracket), 1 outdoor camera, pack of screws, AC adapter, user manual and a 5-meter cable.


The product has a lot of functions including night viewing, playback, image capture and video recording. The outdoor camera has a rain cover which protects it from rain and reduces the chances of rusting or damage. It has a CMOS camera which guarantees a 120-degree viewing angle. The indoor monitor has a 7-inch TFT LCD screen which allows users to capture a maximum of 80 photos and HD videos. Customizing the ring volume, talk volume and brightness is possible. A total of 16 melodies are also available.


  • The unit can be used as a baby monitor.
  • It guarantees no radiation and low power consumption.
  • The setup is easy to install and understand among non tech-savvy users.
  • Archiving is also possible with the video and image capture options.


  • N/A

1Byone 7-inch Color Screen Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System Outdoor Pinhole Camera

The security system provides a hands-free communication with a lot of features. The package includes an outdoor camera station, an indoor monitor (with bracket), pack of screws, an AC adapter, a 5-meter cable and a user manual.


The indoor monitor features a which shows a high-definition viewing coverage of the outdoor camera. It controls the electric lock on the door and has customization options for brightness, volume and talking audio. Users can choose among 14 types of chime rings. The camera station can work up to the temperature of 50 degrees and -20 degrees.


  • The camera produces crisp images and videos while providing a wide viewing coverage of the front door.
  • Personalization is also great.
  • The security system is easy to install even with the wiring.
  • It is also portable.


  • However, durability is questionable.

These suggestions for home video security systems, video intercom and wireless doorbell are great alternatives if you want to improve the security of your property and safety of your family and business operations. Invest in the best security systems to make sure that protection is guaranteed for a long time.

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